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    Thumbnail   VelvetPanther 

    Ever wonder what a TRUE GENIE from a bottle looks like? Then your search has COME to FRUITION.

    Hair of Black Granite, Infinity is in her Esscence. DESTINY is in her EYES. And SOLACE is in her BREASTS of SWEET CREAM. Hips of REALITY that are to Die for - await your needful hands... Mine have already tasted of her sweet energy- and I stagger...INTOXICATED as I attempt to stand... lol. Wow.....

    If YOU are FORTUNATE, you will be one of the FEW on earth to have experienced this rare creature's energy. Some unknown Traveler must have dropped this one's bottle and she was then set free accidentally. And Now... she roams and flies and FREES OTHERS as she flows in the clouds above mortal Man, touching down every so often to EXCITE and RELEASE weary travelers who thirst for her SWEET and QUENCHING, WATER of LIFE.

    CATCH HER while she still exists here, for eventually, she will realize her full potential and Vanish into another dimension of Colour and Beauty as she tires of us all here. If you want ECSTACY and FREEDOM and KINDNESS all rolled up in one, then do yourself a favor and visit this DESERT BREEZE from the OASIS of LOVE

    For once she disappears, no one can say, save possibly Shazam and the ONE Himself, when if EVER - that she will return to once again dally with Earthling Man...

    1 day ago
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    LiveJasmin Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!

    7 days ago
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    Thumbnail   jearp39 


    27 days ago
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    Thumbnail   RobColorado 

    what milky skin . . . my tongue was rock hard for her ass

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   maxg51223 

    great model!

    1 month ago
  • Thumbnail   ArabicSecretX 

    ty Max xoxo****

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   deppinone 

    She the 2nd best after my Yana. I love it.

    1 month ago
  • Thumbnail   ArabicSecretX 

    thank you dear Francesco))))

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   thisblacksession 

    Excellent excellent show you're perfect bb :))

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   deppinone 

    Flawless girl she's good.

    1 month ago
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  • Amani
  • 19
  • 5'0" - 5'4"
  • 100-115lbs
  • Big
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  • Black
    Hair color:
  • Long
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  • Brown
    Eye color:
  • Average
  • White
  • female
  • Bisexual
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