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    Thumbnail   Needass01 

    One of the most amazing girls on planet earth. Wow.

    7 days ago
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    Thumbnail   xxquatroxx 

    Hi love, just an idea here but why don't you also make a nice beautifull intro like some ladies have here. You deserve it. Such beauty. My an intro that corresponds with you name "shampane" tometing in a sey teasing way without showing to much with shampane popping here and there ;-) Love the way you are. Funny and great to be with. Take care.. cheers

    15 days ago
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    Thumbnail   guygardner09 

    Seriously no words other than thank you. You know it's always been great between us. I am glad we can still spend time together and enjoy our time :) Glad you enjoyed the idea.

    19 days ago
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    Thumbnail   Ek1ectic1 

    Amazing as always - had a fantastic time role playing with this gorgeous lady. She has the most perfect natural body of anyone on this site. Just a shame she's married :( Stay as fun and as beautiful as you always are

    21 days ago
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    Thumbnail   absboy15 

    amazing wow this woman is on another planet because she is out of this world incredible goddess best bod around

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   Pawblow 

    WONDER WOMAN!!! I went to go buy credits and when I was ready you were gone. Are you coming back on today?

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   genoppt 

    i like this hot bb

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   VoodooHighway 

    The very best on here. There is no finer, none more exquisite.

    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   Sacredream 


    1 month ago
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    Thumbnail   scooby261 

    Wow! Super sexy!

    1 month ago
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Shampane's Bio Data

  • shampane
  • 27
  • 5'10" - 6'2"
  • 130-145lbs
  • Big
    Breast size:
  • Blonde
    Hair color:
  • Long
    Hair length:
  • Brown
    Eye color:
  • Athletic
  • White
  • female
  • Bisexual
    Sexual preferences:
  • Languages: